How To Choose A Luxury Wedding Cake

Whether you already have ideas for your wedding cake or you’re looking for some guidance, there is one thing you are certain of – you want luxury. Here is my expert advice on how to choose a luxury wedding cake.

Choosing A Luxury Wedding Cake Designer

The first choice when it comes to choosing a luxury wedding cake, and perhaps the most important, is to choose the right cake designer. As an award-winning cake designer on the Hampshire and Dorset borders, I pride myself on creating elegant, stylish, and luxury wedding cakes – but there is a wide variety of expertise and style within the professional cake industry. You need to choose a cake designer who understands both you as a couple and the luxury you deserve for your wedding day.

Make sure you can see examples of quality designs in their portfolio, read testimonials from past clients, and look at the other suppliers and venues they have worked with – are they of the luxury standard you would expect? Also, don’t forget, if the price sounds too good to be true – it most likely is. An expert cake designer, able to create luxury wedding cakes, will know their worth and charge accordingly.

Luxury, stylish and elegant wedding cakes in the south of England.

Choosing A Luxury Wedding Cake Size & Flavour

Should you choose a single-tiered cake, a six-tiered cake, or perhaps more than one cake? There are no set rules, and bigger does not always mean more luxury, but there are a few considerations to help you decide…

If your wedding venue is classic with very high ceilings, then an elegantly tall wedding cake will complement the room. Alternatively, if you are wanting a more modern luxe feel then a sophisticated but decadent display might be the perfect choice – perhaps three tiered cakes, sat side by side, with flawless details.

Obviously guest numbers might influence your decision. The more guests invited, the more cake you need…or at least the more portions you need – you don’t have to only serve cake. A delectable dessert table can take centre stage and provide guests with the luxury of choice.

Standard cake flavours simply aren’t going to cut it. Bland and boring do not equal luxury, but mouth-watering and exciting flavour pairings most certainly do!

Flavours such as peach melba, strawberries and champagne, white chocolate and passionfruit (just some of the flavours I offer my own clients) will ensure your wedding cake doesn’t just look luxury but tastes delicious too.

Luxury, stylish and elegant wedding cakes in the south of England.

Choosing A Luxury Wedding Cake Design & Styling

Having decided on the size and flavour of your cake, and whether you are having a dessert table or not, you can then choose a design to match. Couture textures, exceptionally clean lines, and refined details can all create a luxury quality.

Expertly made sugar flowers are perhaps the most luxury of all wedding cake details, closely followed by edible gold or silver leaf. Sugar flowers have become part of my signature style and, having refined my techniques over many years, I offer a variety of flowers to choose from – from the classic to the contemporary.

Luxury wedding cake from Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design, sugar flower peonies, foliage, sugar roses and rose gold shimmer. Fondant icing, textured wedding cake, dessert table, wedding cake inspiration

Last, but by no means least, the right styling will lift your display and complete the look. Fresh flowers, delicate linens, and hand-picked serving-ware can all add to the overall design – taking your display from average to luxury. You can read my ‘Five Tips for Styling an Elegant and Contemporary Dessert Table’ here.

Neutral wedding cake, shimmer wedding cake, metallic wedding cake, luxury wedding cakes, elegant wedding cakes, blush pink wedding cake, wedding cake inspiration, Hampshire cake designer, sugar flowers, dessert table, sweet table, taupe wedding cake, white wedding cake. Hannah McClune Photography.

I hope this post has helped guide you in the right direction. The modern world of wedding cakes offers so many options but if you are looking for luxury then it’s best to choose carefully. For further expert advice on choosing a luxury wedding cake, and to talk through how I can help make your ideas a reality, get in touch to book a consultation. 


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How to choose a luxury wedding cake, elegant wedding cakes, fine art wedding cake, wedding cake inspiration

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