Couture textures for contemporary and trend-led wedding cakes

When it comes to finding inspiration for your wedding cake design there are so many places to look, but one area always set to give you incredibly stylish and modern ideas is fashion. Below I’m going to talk through some of my favourite couture textures for contemporary and trend-led wedding cakes.

Frills and Ruffles

One of my absolute favourite decorating elements is a frill – in fact, many frills to be precise. They can take so many different forms, from the elegant and sophisticated to the standout and artistic. 

Vertical frills have a way of feeling both contemporary and classic at the same time, like luxurious pleats in a silk skirt. Whereas oversized frills can create a couture statement – the perfect complement to a modern luxe and trend-led wedding dress. 

Ruffles, in simple terms, are lots of frills all carefully brought together to create a full and yet delicate display. They look soft and blousy like the perfect ruffled skirt. 

Both frills and ruffles can be accented by edible metallics, adding refined definition and an additional contemporary touch. Frills can also be formed into rose like floral textures – artistic and romantic in equal measure. 

Though usually made from icing, wafer paper can be used as an alternative to create frills with an almost waterfall like texture that wouldn’t look out of place on a couture catwalk gown.

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Sequins and Sparkle

Nothing quite says ‘contemporary wedding cake’ like a bit of sparkle. 

It takes an experienced and refined eye to create a wedding cake design with sophisticated sparkle, without tipping into something that would stand out for all the wrong reasons. I’m proud to have won awards for my cake designs – and that’s thanks to my elegant artistry. I know how to balance the different elements of a cake, when to hold back and let flawless simplicity do the talking, and when to go all out for an exceptional display. 

Whether replicating part of your wedding dress or taking inspiration from the latest trends in metallic details, edible sequins and glitter add so much more than just a contemporary, couture texture to your wedding cake – they add stylish luxury and indulgent detail too.

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With each new season in the fashion industry, lace often finds its way into the wedding trends. From the delicately detailed to the beautifully bold – including lace in your wedding cake design is an elegant way to take inspiration from couture textures. 

There are a few ways to create lace elements for cake. Hand piping allows for bespoke and intricate details that can be designed to match any lace on your dress, whilst stencils can be used to cover entire tiers in flawless, contemporary detail. Embossed accents, where details are pressed into the icing to create artistic indentations, can add the impression of lace in a way that quite literally adds depth to the overall design. Whilst bas relief in icing (which is more typically used to create architectural and sculptural details) perfectly resembles 3D appliqué lace designs which, according to some ‘in the know’, is one of this year’s big fashion trends. 

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Whether you want to take inspiration from your wedding dress or you’re simply looking for a way to infuse modern and stylish details into your cake design – couture textures are an elegant and luxury way to create a contemporary and trend-led wedding cake. 

Want to discuss your own couture wedding cake ideas? Contact me to arrange a chat. 


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Ruffle Wedding Cake, Sugar flower peonies, Lace wedding cake, ivory wedding cake, blush wedding cake, luxury wedding cake, elegant wedding cake, wedding cake inspiration, Hampshire and Dorset cake designer.

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