4 Ways to Use Gold Leaf on Luxury Wedding Cakes

Gold is synonymous with luxury. From fashion to interiors – when gold is involved you know it’s going to be an item of worth and quality. Using gold in luxury wedding cake designs is no different. In fact, creating gold leaf details is one of my favourite techniques for adding an extra touch of exceptional luxury to a wedding cake, and taking beautiful designs to the next level. Edible gold leaf is one of the highest quality cake decorations you can use (second only to professionally made sugar flowers). It instantly adds a stylish and stand out feel to luxury wedding cake designs.

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Gold Leaf Leaves

Gold leaf is real gold that has been made into the thinnest of sheets. It’s the finest and most delicate decoration – blink too forcefully and it might tear during application. It’s this delicate nature, however, that makes it so beautiful to work with…and of course why it’s so luxury in quality.

Using gold leaf to cover sugar foliage is just one example of the way this exceptional material can bring luxury detail to a wedding cake design. Gold leaf leaves add emphasis and interest, without detracting from other elements such as sugar flowers – and their decadent appearance will leave guests speechless.

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Cake Covering

Used as a cake tier covering, gold leaf provides a block of metallic colour. It gives off an incredible shine and creates the illusion of a solid gold cake. What idea could possibly be more luxury than that? It’s also possible to paint on top of edible gold leaf – adding further sophistication and luxe detail.

A complete cake tier covered in gold leaf suits the most high-end of designs and occasions. It looks perfectly in place at the many elegant and grand wedding venues within Hampshire, Dorset, and Surrey – but looks equally stunning in one of the more contemporary and clean-lined venues of London.

Partial Cake Covering

As I am sure you can imagine, a luxury element like gold leaf can sometimes need to be used more sparingly. However, that shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on your stand out, luxury wedding cake design. Even using edible gold leaf as a partial cake tier covering – with the underneath layer of icing showing through – can still create a wonderfully elegant and stylish impact.

Gold leaf as a partial cake tier covering tends to give a cake design a more couture and artistic feel. Creative and with lots of texture, it adds indulgent detail in a contemporary and trend-led way. It also provides opportunity for layering within a design, adding further texture, and can really bring a cake to life.


Gold Leaf Flecks

Even the smallest of edible gold leaf flecks can be enough to add luxury detail to a wedding cake design. Other methods of gold application within cake decorating (such as painting, dusting or buffing), though just as stunning, simply cannot compare with the refined decadence of gold leaf. Its shine is really quite breath-taking and needs to be seen to be believed.

Gold leaf flecks also work really well when creating a cohesive and luxury dessert table display. Whether you have a focal tiered wedding cake with gold leaf covering (complete or partial) or gold leaf flecks, using the flecks to accent other edible treats on the table can bring the whole design concept together.

Do you envision using gold leaf as a cake tier covering, flecks, or foliage (or even in a new way)? If so, your wedding cake is sure to feel luxury and stylish. I hope this post has got you inspired, and I would love to hear from you. Why not book a consultation and see the luxurious quality of gold leaf for yourselves?



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