Elegant, Stylish and Colourful Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Sugar flowers are undoubtedly one of the most refined and beautiful cake decoration elements, and floral wedding cakes certainly have a reputation within the luxury wedding world. However, despite my love of soft hues and delicate designs, high-end cake design doesn’t have to mean lacking in colour. In the right hands, it’s possible to create an elegant, stylish and colourful floral wedding cake. Here are some ideas…


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Seasonal Colours

Perfect for a winter or festive wedding, this three-tiered, standout design incorporated the natural colours of the season. Dark green foliage acts as a balancing base to the rest of the sugar flower arrangement. The soft peachy-pink rose adds a delicate touch. The indulgent red instantly evokes memories of Christmas, and the little glimpse of gold leaves gives the overall design a celebratory feel. 

Taking inspiration from nature is a great way to incorporate colour into your wedding, without losing any sophistication or finesse. Just as greenery works as a connection between different flowers in a garden border, the use of sugar leaves can play a big part in creating an elegant, stylish and colourful floral wedding cake. The foliage almost carries the colour across the design, without overpowering or competing for attention.   


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Muted, Warm Tones

Though the colours in this wedding cake might be more muted than the festive example above, the design idea is still equally elegant, stylish and colourful. Deep and classic burgundy sugar flowers paired with the turning leaves, gives the cake an autumnal feel. The peach roses infuse further warmth, and the combination of dark blue and blush berries add depth and interest. 

Rose gold/copper stripes bring the cake to life – adding a luxe touch of shimmer, and the blush pink flower and cake tier lift the overall design – preventing it from feeling too heavy or unrefined. 

If you dream of a colourful wedding cake but fear creating something too bold, a muted palette is the perfect way to go. As an award-winning cake designer, I understand how to use colour. Together we can create a wedding cake that stands out, but for all the right reasons.


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Pops of Pink

It’s no secret – I love pink. The softest pink tones sing of delicate romance and work wonderfully in my signature style…but there is another side to pink, and I love it just as much. 

Brighter pinks add a fun and joyous personality to cake designs, without losing that feminine touch. Partnered with a palette of muted purples, pale pinks and peaches, and a selection of complimenting greens – a pop of pink makes this wedding cake idea both colourful and stylish. 

The ombre, watercolour tiers create the perfect backdrop to the design and help bring the whole concept together. A purely white-iced cake might have been too stark in contrast, but the soft pink balances the idea beautifully. The finishing touch of silver leaf adds further luxury and makes sure this cake is one your guests will remember. 

The versatility of sugar flowers is one of the reasons I fell in love with using them in my designs. From the most delicate of pastels to the brightest, rich hues – sugar florals can suit an array of personalities. Using my expertise, I know how to ensure a design stays on the right side of standing out, and I love the opportunity to infuse colour into exceptional displays. 

I hope this post has given you plenty of elegant, stylish, and colourful floral wedding cake ideas. If you would like to discuss your own wedding cake design, why not book a consultation?

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