Sugar Peonies On Floral Wedding Cakes

The art of floral wedding cakes, and creating sugar flowers, goes back many years. Techniques have developed over time, but it remains a classic method of decoration. What has changed, however, is the way in which cake designers incorporate sugar flowers into their designs. As an award-winning cake designer, I create elegant, trend-led and contemporary floral wedding cakes for couples in Hampshire, Dorset, London and surrounding counties. I love making a variety of blooms but today I’m going to talk about sugar peonies. 


What Couple Personality Suits Sugar Peonies?

Sugar peonies can be created in one of two ways – a blousy, full bloom or an open flower. Both types are stylish and feel luxury but each suits a slightly different couple personality. 

Full and ‘fluffy’ sugar peonies have a slightly more romantic and sweet appearance. They feel feminine and contemporary with lots of texture and a round form. They suit a classic couple, wanting a modern take on the traditional fairy-tale. 

Open peonies have a more artistic feel, with flawless detail and a sophisticated shape. They suit a style-focused couple looking for stand-out, couture elements – couples who appreciate exceptional quality and incredible design. In the right hands an open peony can be pulled more towards classical romance, but in general they suit a couple wanting to make a stylish statement.


Sugar peony on floral wedding cake

What Wedding Style Suits Sugar Peonies?

As an expert cake designer, I can balance floral elements within a wedding cake design to suit many different couple personalities and wedding styles – pairing different varieties together to create a unique feel for the cake. There are some flowers, however, that lend themselves to a particular style more than others.

Peonies as part of wedding floral installations and bridal bouquets have steadily increased in popularity over recent years, meaning they are perfectly suited to a trend-led wedding. 

The more blousy creations work well with pretty and ‘modern romance’ concepts. Think garden venues with abundant florals. Whereas open peonies suit creative, elegant and luxe wedding styles. Picture characterful gowns, delicious feasts, and statement venues like Somerley House.

Sugar Peony Floral Wedding Cake Inspiration

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When sugar peonies are created in soft, romantic tones and paired with other elegant sugar florals – they somehow create emphasis and focus whilst at the same time blending into the design, letting the other flowers take centre stage. 

The texture of the peonies works so well next to the detail of the layered wafer paper in this design. The peonies add body and stylish luxury, without taking focus from the roses and gold foliage.  

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Alternatively, when sugar peonies are created in a bold colour – like this deep red – they add instant impact. Even in rich hues their texture comes alive. They feel couture inspired and creative. The deep red peonies in this design, mixed with pink and ivory flowers and lots of foliage, create a contemporary, stand-out display. 

If you want an elegant and luxury wedding, you don’t have to be afraid of colour. Decadent tiered wedding cakes and indulgent dessert tables can handle more intense colour palettes. 

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Sugar peonies are so beautiful they can be the focal point of a design. Take this modern open peony on a miniature cake for example. With just the simple but stylish accent of gold leaves – and the artistic grey, white and gold effect adding interest to the icing – the design is trend-led luxe at its best. 

Miniature cakes, as part of a coordinated dessert table, are a great way to impress guests. I love bringing all the details together – it’s one of the reasons my cake designs have won awards. Choosing which of the tiered wedding cake design elements to feature on the miniature cakes and other treats is one of my favourite aspects of creating a dessert table.

Has that got you dreaming of your own sugar peony wedding cake, or other floral design? Let’s chat


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Sugar peonies on floral wedding cakes

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