Metallic Wedding Cake Details For Designs That Stand Out

Are you looking for stand-out wedding cake design ideas with a luxury and sophisticated touch? When in the right hands (of an experienced cake designer), metallic wedding cake details can infuse just the right amount of luxe to make your design modern and stylish but still elegant. Here are a few of my favourite ways to incorporate metallic wedding cake details for designs that stand out.


Metallic Tiers

Using edible food colouring, entire cake tiers can be made to look metallic with a smooth and flawless finish. It’s a wonderful technique for balancing an overall design, adding a block of colour and luxury in metallic form. 

Gold and silver are perhaps the most obvious choices, contemporary yet classic at the same time, but you aren’t limited to just these two colours. As an expert cake designer, I have a few tricks up my sleeve which mean I can give most colours a pearlised and metallic look. Rose gold is a trend-led and exceptional example.

Metallic Sequins

Following on from metallic tiers with a smooth covering, another way to add a block of luxury is by using metallic sequins. Covering an entire cake tier with edible, metallic sequins gives a creative and couture texture to your design.

Metallic sequins can really elevate a simple design – adding an element of interest and detail without overpowering other features such as sugar flowers. They somehow act as both a focus themselves and a backdrop for the rest of your design details.

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Metallic Foliage

One of my absolute favourite cake design details is metallic foliage. When partnered with my award-winning sugar flowers, metallic leaves look elegant and sophisticated – adding a luxurious glint to an already beautiful design.

With realistic veining (the little lines on a leaf) and natural shaping, my metallic foliage looks like real leaves dipped in liquid gold or silver. The element works equally well in a contemporary fairy-tale or modern yet classic design.

Metallic Features

As well as metallic foliage, there are some other design features that can look exceptional when created in metallic. Lace details stand out further. Piping and base relief look refined and decadent. Flower centres add interest and artistic quality. 

The very essence of metallics, and their link to luxury, instantly transforms a design from standard to stand-out. Adding a touch of metallic via a simple feature can really bring the design alive. A little hint can be enough to infuse something special, whilst lashing of metallics can create an incredible display.

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Metallic Leaf

The ultimate technique (and most luxurious element available) for creating metallic wedding cake details is edible gold or silver leaf. A ‘leaf’ is the finest, most delicate, gold or silver you will have ever seen. When applied to a cake tier, or other design detail, it provides an exquisite metallic shine and colour…but then, what else would you expect when using real gold or silver?

Applied to a cake tier it can crease and add further interest in its texture – giving an almost worn or weathered quality, like an heirloom piece of gold or silverware – passed down through generations. Applied to foliage, or other features, the metallic leaf creates the impression of jewellery or fine metalwork. 

There are so many ways to incorporate metallic details into your wedding cake, to really make your design stand out. It’s not always the easiest technique to incorporate tastefully, which is why it’s important to choose an experienced and expert cake designer, but by using the metallic wedding cake details I’ve mentioned above you will be well on your way to an elegant, luxury and stand out design.

Feeling inspired to use metallic details on your own stand-out wedding cake? I would love to hear from you to arrange a chat.

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