What is a luxury wedding cake flavour?

As an award-winning cake designer, with a focus on trend-led and stylish designs, I understand how important it is for your luxury wedding cake to look elegant and stand out. I also understand, however, you want your guests to enjoy eating your wedding cake as much as looking at it. That’s why I’m passionate about creating luxury wedding cake flavours that don’t disappoint. I have an extensive wedding cake menu for couples to choose from, but today I’m going to share a small selection – to help answer the question: what is a luxury wedding cake flavour?


Luxury wedding cake flavours


I adore creating exciting flavour pairings that guests will not only enjoy but remember for years to come. However, there is something to be said for classic and simple cake flavours – when made well. I always use the best ingredients in my wedding cakes and these, along with my professional experience, ensure even the simplest wedding cake flavour is still luxury.

Classic Vanilla

Don’t be deceived by the less than luxury reputation of everyday vanilla sponge cakes. My moist Madagascan vanilla sponge is far from bland or dry. With layers of either strawberry or raspberry preserve and simple but delicious vanilla buttercream, it’s the ultimate, classic, luxury wedding cake flavour. Refined and understated.

Luxurious Signature Fruit Cake

For those who still hold onto the romance of a traditional wedding, with fond memories of eating Grandma’s baking, the classic fruit cake is a must. The difference between a shop bought (or even homemade) fruit cake and my Luxurious Signature Fruit Cake is the quality of ingredients. Not only do I use oak-aged brandy-soaked vine fruits, I also layer each fruit cake with a luxury marzipan.

Ultimate Belgian Chocolate

That’s quite a name to live up to but my Ultimate Belgian Chocolate cake is sure to get guests talking. Classic and simple – yes, dry and dull – absolutely not. With indulgent layers of Belgian chocolate sponge, and a rich chocolate or silky vanilla buttercream, my Ultimate Belgian Chocolate cake will leave you wanting more.

Ultimate belgian chocolate luxury wedding cake

Chocolate Luxe

Speaking of chocolate, I also offer couples a selection of luxury chocolate-based flavour pairings. They are a wonderful way to incorporate everyone’s love of chocolate but in a less classic and more contemporary way.


Hazelnut Tuxedo

Hazelnut and chocolate are a match made in heaven, and the perfect example of a luxury wedding cake flavour pairing. Using quality ingredients, my Hazelnut Tuxedo cake has layers of Classic Vanilla and Ultimate Belgium Chocolate sponges (with a hazelnut syrup drizzle), and delectable chocolate and hazelnut buttercream.

Luxury wedding cake flavours

Cookies & Cream

A favourite with grooms and children alike, my Cookies & Cream cake takes the familiar and comforting taste of Oreos and transforms it into a luxury cake flavour. Contemporary and mouth-watering, layers of my Ultimate Belgian Chocolate cake (incorporating crushed Oreos) are assembled with a crushed Oreo buttercream.

Luxury wedding cake flavours


White Belgian Chocolate & Passion Fruit

Luxurious Belgian chocolate also comes in white, creating the base flavour of my Belgian White Chocolate & Passion Fruit cake. A decadent white chocolate chip sponge is layered with white chocolate buttercream and passion fruit curd. It’s a luxury wedding cake flavour sure to delight your guests’ taste buds. It will also stand out for all the right reasons.  

Fruity Delight

With fruit and delightful flavours on the mind, I couldn’t answer the question ‘what is a luxury wedding cake flavour’ without including some fruity options from my menu. Fruit adds an instant freshness to a cake flavour. Plus, when combined with other handpicked flavours, fruit creates interesting and luxurious pairings.

Strawberries & Champagne

My Strawberries & Champagne cake is a perfect example. It’s the ‘adult’ version of my Classic Vanilla cake. It still has class and elegance, but with an additional infusion of flavour to really lock in that luxury quality. Pink champagne syrup is soaked into my Classic Vanilla sponge, then layered with strawberry curd and lashings of champagne buttercream.


Strawberries and champagne wedding cake

Peach Melba

Another delightful fruit flavour is my Peach Melba cake. With peach-syrup infused raspberry sponge cake layers, peach coulis, raspberry curd, and peach buttercream – it’s a luxury cake flavour pairing of the highest quality. Stylish and contemporary, like an expertly crafted cocktail.

Lemon & Raspberry

Also featuring the luscious flavour of fruit, my Lemon & Raspberry cake is a fresh flavour combination. Lemon-infused sponge is drizzled with lemon syrup, then layered with raspberry and lemon curd and an exquisite raspberry buttercream. Sweet, fruity and with a zing of zest, it’s a luxury and delightful flavour in equal measure.

I hope that has helped answer the question, ‘what is a luxury wedding cake flavour’, and given you some mouth-watering inspiration. If you would like further ideas then take a look at my full menu. Keep in mind, with my professional expertise, I can tailor my luxury flavours to suit you. There is also, of course, the option of a dessert table – where guests can be given the luxury of even more choice.

If you’re already lusting after my cake flavours, then get in touch  to arrange a consultation and tasting. You’ll get to try five different flavours, handpicked by myself, and we can decide the perfect luxury wedding cake flavour pairings for you both. Also, if you can’t attend a consultation then we can arrange for the tasting to be sent to you. Get in touch to find out more.

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Luxury wedding cake flavours


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